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I launched DOGWOOD CARPENTRY in 2015.

After over a decade of experience in residential and commercial carpentry, I started Dogwood Carpentry as a new avenue to marry the precision and skills

of home building and remodeling to the

creativity and artistry of the woodworking world. 


In my years as a lead carpenter, I took pride knowing that my work would look great and stand the test of time. Making wood functional and beautiful is also the basis of my woodworking projects. Creations range from charcuterie boards to clipboards to coasters to custom furniture, each piece one of a kind and crafted to allow the natural beauty of the wood to stand out as a piece of functioning art.

The mission at Dogwood Carpentry is to create handcrafted pieces that serve a purpose and will look great for years to come.


I am a member of the Foothills Craft Guild, Tennessee's oldest guild, as well as Tennessee Craft, and am a three-time fine art festival award winner. 

Since 2019, I operate a storefront in historic downtown Clinton, TN that showcases my wood creations, and features the work of other local makers.  Come visit us for locally-made handcrafted home goods!


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